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Personal bra fittings are available
in our boutique, and at group shows, plus in-home by request

As bra fit experts, our goal is a luxurious foundation of comfort and a flattering silhouette. You will feel fantastic and confident. Some say, "Like the me, I want to be!"

Let's talk about finding the bra styles that work best for you. Bras are made based on the support you need, your breast shape and size, and how you live and move in your clothes. Are you a sports enthusiast, glamourĀ gal, busy mom, corporate professional or all of the above? We will teach you how your bra should fit and how to avoid the mistakes 80% of women make.

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Download the Know Your Bra brochure

To Know Them, is to Love Them.

Bras are carefully engineered, each style was designed for a separate role. It is the ultimate truth, one size or style does not fit all. Whether you are wearing a tee and jeans or an elegant ball gown, the perfect bra is literally the foundation of your outfit. When you look your best, you feel your best and it shows.

The proper bra is good for the health of your breasts, your back, your posture and more. A bra's first job is protection and support. Get to know the terms and the ideal use for each. Download our KNOW YOUR BRA brochure. We are always here to help.

Fitting Pretty.

A bad fit isn't pretty under any circumstances. It can be a shirt, a car, a house, a job or your undergarments. Once we've determined your (bra) fit, the style comes next. We have some of the best quality garments on the market. They are built to last, offer fine detailing, sumptuous fabrics you want against your skin, and are constructed with care.